Celebrating our amazing nurses at Oakland Care

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on 12th May each year to mark the contributions nurses make to society. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have designated 2020 as ‘International Year of the Nurse and Midwife’ to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.

As well as marking this important day with celebrations in our care homes, we have spoken to a few of the amazing nurses that work for us to share their stories.


Lolita, referred to as Lilet, is the Registered General Nurse (RGN) at our Woodland Grove Care Home in Essex. She has been working for Woodland Grove since September 2019 and helps in providing support to the residents.

Lilet’s job entails making sure that residents receive proper nutrition and hydration, have clean beds, maintain acceptable levels of hygiene, and are taking their medication on time. She also refers residents to the doctor when they feel unwell, organises everything needed for their appointments, and updates their family about their well-being and ongoing medical condition.

Lilet loves to cook and try out different types of cuisines. She loves history and wants to travel the world and see historical places. She prefers the countryside more than the city life and although she graduated as an engineer, she feels like nursing is her real calling. Lilet initially worked with residents who had dementia and is an area where she feels like she wants to specialise in going forward.

This is Lilet’s first time working in a care home setting and she would assist more than 20 residents when she started. She has found the experience both challenging and rewarding and has been able to adjust in a short amount of time with ease. She says, “I was able to adjust in a short span of time as staff are very supportive and we all have good team work.”

Through her role, Lilet enjoys knowing more about the resident’s lives and understanding their individual needs on a deeper level.

Speaking about the importance of nurses, Lilet said, “I do believe nurses are very important because they are the one who are always with the residents/patients. They are the greatest patient advocates, providing invaluable emotional support. They are the ones on the frontlines administering and evaluating treatments for patients on a day to day basis.”

Speaking about Nursing as a profession, Lilet says, “I consider nursing as a vocation more than a profession. It is a tough job and requires patience and courage because you do not know what you will be facing every day. Every day is a challenge. You need to always maintain your composure.”

Lilet gives advice for anyone who may be thinking about becoming a nurse by saying, “My only advice is to just do it! Believe in yourself.”

A photo of Lilet sitting in the park


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