Residents at Oakland Care create memories through adventure, thanks to new Virtual Reality headsets.

Hastings Court Care Home enabled residents to explore the world without having to leave the comfort of their home. The new Virtual Reality (VR) headsets helped residents experience the sights and sounds of distant places, enjoy moments from their past, and visit new attractions.

One of our residents detailed her experience using the headsets for the very first time: “I woke up this morning in my room at Hastings Court, within minutes I was standing outside Notre Dame Cathedral in the great city of Paris. No, I didn’t take an unbelievably fast jet to the Charles de Gaulle airport, race through customs and leap into a taxi shouting ‘Take me to Notre Dame Cathedral’. Instead I simply strapped on our new VR headset”.

Hastings Court Resident using VR headsets


A World at Their Doorstep

Residents had the flexibility of using this cutting-edge technology throughout the day whenever they liked. It allowed our residents to experience the world at their doorstep with no restrictions.

“After a rather good grilled salmon lunch in The Bluebell dining room, I once again strapped on the VR headset and took a stroll through the Amazon rain forest before launching myself at 54,000 mph toward the international space station viewing our blue planet from a distance of 600 miles up”.

VR headsets allowed residents to exercise their brain and its interactivity promoted movement. “I returned in time for supper before boarding a high-speed fairground roller coaster”.

VR headsets help during self-isolation

The addition of the new VR headsets to the care home came at a welcomed time as residents are unable to receive visits from relatives at the moment as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

VR headsets helped residents by reducing the feeling of isolation and encouraged them to share memories and stories. It also helped our residents to maintain a high level of positivity during these uncertain times.

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