At Oakland Care, person-centred care is at the heart of our core values. We always endeavour to provide the most personalised care possible, by offering a tailored care plan to each individual.


We set out to achieve this by curating tailored care plans for each individual. These take into account medical and health requirements, whilst always considering emotional, social and physical needs.

Elderly resident talking to young carer, with elderly lady in the background.

No matter the type of care plan assigned, we always try to ensure that each individual lives an independent lifestyle. This becomes of particular value as our mental and physical health starts to decline.


If you’re considering care options for your loved one, keep reading to discover the types of tailored care plan you may come across during your search.


Residential care

Generally, residential care plans are suitable for individuals who are a little more dependent on others. As a carer to your loved one, you may find that you feel a little out of your depth as your loved one’s condition becomes more complicated. Alternatively, it may become the case that your loved one loses the ability to maintain self-care.


In either circumstance, residential care can offer welcome relief to both you and your family member. And in the case that this becomes the most suitable option, our experienced carers at Oakland will put together a tailored care plan that offers them the support they need. 

Elderly resident sat looking at electronic tablet with young carer.

We design our residential care plans with both independent living and round-the-clock care in mind. So, you can expect to find private en-suite bathrooms, inviting communal spaces, scenic gardens, full-screen cinema rooms and hair salons. Paired with a full calendar of activities and outings, it’s the ideal setting for the person who likes to be mentally stimulated whilst surrounded by friendly, supportive carers.


Nursing care

For those that depend on full-time support, a nursing care plan may be more suitable. No matter the personal needs of the individual, all of our nursing care plans at Oakland include 24 hour support. Combined with high-level care and a fully qualified nursing team, you’ll rest in the knowledge that we’ll attend to your loved one’s medical requirements with the highest level of detail.


Both the care we provide and the treatment offered are perfectly balanced. Our aim is to always create a tailored care plan that encourages the best outcomes possible for the mind and body.

Close-up of young carer and elderly resident holding hands

With that in mind, we use Person Centred Software within our residences. It provides us with medically supported evidence that helps us conduct the most accurate care planning possible.


Dementia care

At Oakland, we understand that dementia requires a specific type of care, that always integrates compassion, safety and comfort. Each of our dementia care plans involves 24 hour dementia care, which is always delivered by specifically trained staff in a safe and secure setting.


Each of our tailored care plans focuses heavily on the individual and their personal needs, whilst also taking into account their family members and carers. This way, we can fully immerse ourselves in their world, creating a safe space for both their mental and physical condition.

Elderly resident doing a jigsaw puzzle with young carer.

Our dementia care residences feature specially designed facilities that encourage sensory stimulation. These include sensory garden areas and a variety of memory-prompting spaces. We always encourage our residents to take part in daily activities, which are designed to keep the body and mind active.


Respite care

At Oakland, our respite care plans are best suited to those looking for short-term care. Whether your loved one is recovering from surgery or illness, or you, as the carer, need a break, our carers are always on-hand for support.


As with our other care plans, for respite residents, we design them around the most intricate of individual needs. So, no matter where you are, you can rest assured that your loved one is recovering in the best hands.


We design our respite care plans to care for your loved one on a short-term basis, and each tailored plan encourages the individual to make the most of our facilities. So, each resident can trial our facilities, meet our carers and try new experiences that may appeal to them. We’ll immerse them into the fulfilling lives of our permanent residents, providing the invaluable opportunity to make new friends.


If you think your loved one would benefit from a tailored care plan, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Oakland team. To contact us, click here.