Meet our interior designer

When it comes to interior design within a care home setting, there’s a lot one has to take into consideration, that wouldn’t normally apply to the average home.

Of course, contemporary and timeless designs are always considered; but certain features that cater to the elderly are required. From incorporating safety equipment such as hand rails, to the chairs providing appropriate levels of comfort with added functionality, safety is, of course, of paramount importance. The aim is, ultimately, to create communal spaces in which everyone at the home can feel comfortable.

Creating a real home environment

And so, getting the interiors right at our new care home in Chigwell, Essex, Lambwood Heights, was incredibly important. At Oakland Care, we have a talented Interior Design Manager on our team, Jacqueline. Her role here at Oakland Care is to combine the functional needs of those living within a care setting and bespoke furnishings and design – overall creating a real home environment for those that live here.

Starting in July 2017, Jacqueline built her vision for Lambwood Heights around the demands of the local area (Chigwell), and took inspiration from the previous building. And from there, Jacqueline’s mission was to create a home-from-home for the residents.

The atmosphere we wanted to create within Lambwood Heights, and something that Jacqueline fully embraced, was the concept of a care home almost mimicking a small village. The communal areas in the home are all places an individual can visit to relax and socialise, much like in a coffee shop or bar/lounge setting. The bedrooms, too, retain individuality and an element of homeliness.

Introducing Lambwood Heights

The Lambwood Heights redesign incorporates many different features, with nods to the old build throughout, along with inspiration from the beautiful Brussels to Chigwell itself. All of which is wonderfully apparent both when you step inside and venture outside, with contemporary interiors surrounded by beautiful gardens.

With 73 luxury en-suite bedrooms,  a hair salon, cafe and reception area all designed with care at the forefront, the feedback on the home so far has been incredible.

Jacqueline worked closely with the architect on the project, along with the suppliers and builders who helped provide everything needed to make the project come to life. To find out more, see the video below:

We’d like to say a special thanks to Jacqueline, whose experience, passion and determination has allowed us to open a luxury residence that offers both comfort and person-centred care.

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