Our Director of Care and Governance Pauline Cichy shares how she puts the new values in action


For most, the word family is generally related to blood relatives but for me, in my work life, I prefer to think of it from the Latin “familia” which is a household establishment. Our care homes are a household and we all contribute to the care that our residents receive.

The values of Oakland Care promote equality and nobody has a greater role than anybody else in the provision of care. We also care for each other by working together, learning from each other and discussing how we can make the lives of everybody in our homes the best it can be.

As Director of Care and Governance I demonstrate this through making sure we have the appropriate equipment in place, we have care plans that reflect our resident’s requirements, we are inclusive in planning that care and we have appropriately trained team members to do this. Care is not just clinical it is everything we do for our residents and we do it together.


Honesty and moral principles are imperative in providing care. I am clear that we discuss care requirements with our residents, we take positive risks and we explain everything that we do.

We are the advocates for our residents and work with them to facilitate as much freedom as they are capable of having and where we have to restrict this freedom, we follow the legal pathway and communicate the rationale.

If things go wrong, we manage the event with transparency and learn from it so that it does not happen again. We always admit where we have got something wrong.


I am conscious that residents, if they need care, choose to be in our homes. In effect our homes become their home and essentially, we are a kind of guest in their home so during the care planning process I would encourage everyone that I work with to recognise individual requirements and wishes and as far as we can we respect these.

I would demonstrate this value through not tolerating stigma on any level and making sure we deliver person centred care, always.


Fundamentally the principles of care do not change but the methodology does. I keep abreast of those changes and make sure these are communicated to front line teams through care plans, the equipment we use and day to day life.

I am eager that we try new things and eager to learn from our residents and team members on how to make each day the best it can be. Nothing is impossible and I consider every challenge is an opportunity to do things differently.

Oakland Care values are not just words. They are what we do. That is what makes us exceptional!

Pauline Cichy - Director of Care and Governance at Oakland Care

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