Our Director of Operations Malcolm Hague shares what the new Mission, Vision and Values mean to him

Our Mission, Vision and Values are things that set us apart from others and provide clear direction for us all in what we are trying to achieve and how we must act with colleagues, residents and families.

We should firstly, be very proud of our organisation and secondly really bring to life the values that we have created.

We talk a lot about the Oakland Care Family, which in my view, extends to our colleagues, residents and families and it’s really, very important that we embrace the MVV’s in what we do every day, and how we interact with one another.

We are all fallible and make mistakes but it’s how we respond to those mistakes that counts and how we do better next time around. This is what helps a small growing organisation to improve and to become the very best at what we do, in our sector.

I’m a great believer that no one deliberately sets out to do a bad job of something, things happen and best intentions can get in the way, sometimes. Let’s therefore, judge ourselves against this and with an open mind, learn the lessons and move on. This is how all families should work.

Integrity and Respect for one another are the key fundamentals and with this as the backbone of everything we do, we will have more fruitful conversations, ideas, suggestions and an opportunity to hear the reality about what we do well and the areas upon which we can improve.

Our new MVV’s took a long time to create and may well take some time to imbed into the organisation but if we all practice what we preach and hold each other to account we will, overtime, create an organisation that really lives by what it says, over achieves and  delivers exceptional care and service.

Malcolm Hague - Director of Operations at Oakland Care

Take a look at our new organisation Mission, Vision and Values below:

Oakland Care's new Mission, Vision and Values