Our Nurses Leading the Way

On 12th May, International Nurses Day marks the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. Known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp,’ she is considered to be the founder of modern nursing and still stands as an example of the importance of the profession today.

This year’s theme is Nurses: A voice to Lead – A vision for future healthcare.  Today, around the globe, we are joining men and women in celebrating those who have chosen to be part of the nursing profession.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown more than ever the brilliance of our nursing family. Our Nurses have shown leadership at all levels to meet the extraordinary demands of the pandemic. The virus has brought new and unforeseen challenges to social care and our nurses are rising to those challenges magnificently on a daily basis.

As well as marking this important day in our care homes with celebrations and acts of appreciation for our Nurses, we have spoken to a few of the amazing Nurses that work for us to share their stories.

We caught up with our nurses to find out more about them and why they joined the Nursing Profession!

Star Nurse Profile: Claudio Lucean – Household Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have recently returned to nursing and I have spent the last few years upskilling and re-equipping myself as a passionate advocate for Nursing in older adults. I also enjoy exploring and working with IT products and services.

What is your role and what does it entail?

I trained as a nurse in Romania in 2015.  I made a decision to migrate to the UK and settled into life here. During this time, I worked as part of the Clinical Team in various settings.  Currently, I am responsible for ensuring Elsyng House compliance systems are appropriately embedded operationally throughout the home.

What does Nursing mean to you?

Nursing to me is about providing the highest standard of care and dignity to our residents. It’s recognising residents as individuals who need personalised care including, compassion and patience, empathy and sensitivity. Also having the ability to help keep loved ones calm, even in the most stressful of situations, is all part of what encompasses what Nursing means to me.

What were the highs and lows of Nursing during the Pandemic?

It was fascinating to see how technology played a major role during the Pandemic and was used to connect families. I was involved in trialling a very successful Google partnership project, whereby we were able to offer residents adapted Google Nests to keep them connected with their families. We also, rolled out Alexa smart devices – which ‘Alexa’ became a big hit!

The toughest challenge overall was the impact that the pandemic had on everyone locally as well as globally – it was unimaginable.

What support have you received during this time?

During the pandemic, our senior leadership team support was invaluable.  Their input and guidance brought reassurance and encouragement in what we were doing – we really are a resilient team.

Sonia Kasese – Elsyng House Home Manager, shared her thoughts on the impact on nursing during the pandemic:

“Claudio has shown real passion and dedication to his role and the support for the home. Claudio’ s Nursing skills and IT skills have ensured other team members have had great support and mentorship, plus the home’s compliance is at a real high”.

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