Residents at Beechwood Grove cycle a virtual bike ride through Hyde Park

Our residents at Beechwood Grove Care Home in Eastbourne have been covering miles of road without having to leave the comfort of their home. A new system developed in Norway, Motiview, allows older people and people with dementia to be more physically and cognitively active.

Beechwood Grove received a specially adapted bike linked to a digital screen which projects a route of local as well as national and international landmarks. Residents could choose from 30 different places where they would like to cycle including Eastbourne Seafront, Hyde Park, London Eye, Blackpool, Paris and many more. Thanks to this innovative technology residents have been able to take trips through familiar surroundings and revisit childhood memories.

Lifestyles Manager Cath Adams said, “We are always looking of ways to keep our residents fit and their minds active. This week residents cycled through Hyde Park in London as one of the residents used to work next to Hyde Park. This was great because it brought back many memories of her having lunch in the park.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and safety measures being implemented, the home has had to come up with unique ways to make sure residents are staying active and being stimulated.

The bike is multi-functional so residents who are not able to use the bike with their legs can still take part in the activity using their hands. Cath continues, “Residents are really enjoying it and having fun. They’ve even turned this into a challenge and are seeing who can cycle the farthest as a competition.”

Watch the video as our residents ride through Hyde Park:


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