‘Magic Table’ provides fun and laughter for residents at Beechwood Grove

Our residents at Beechwood Grove Care Home had fun trialling the new Rainbow Digital Interactive Activity Table. Residents really enjoyed all of the different games, puzzles, quizzes and word searches that were pre-built within the table.

The interactive table helped stimulate, engage and relax residents as well as prompt conversations and spark nostalgia.

For some residents living with dementia, their ability to speak or socialise with others can become a struggle. This activity helped those residents become immersed in the games and helped alleviate social anxiety.

The table can be used by multiple users at the same time and the intuitive touchscreen allows users to enjoy the experience and navigate in a much simpler way.

Alongside all the fun activities within the table there are plenty of other clinical apps developed around dementia including memory, light and sound sensory experiences.

Lifestyles Manager Cath Adams said, “Our team enjoy organising endless fun activities for our residents and this is just another way for us to keep our residents engaged whilst doing something exciting.

“We provide our residents with person-centred care and activities such as this not only allow our residents to develop new skills and friendships, but also offers them more control and independence.”

Having enjoyed the ‘magic table’ one of the residents said, “It was great fun, I really enjoyed the table with the other residents. We had a good talk and laugh with one another.”


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