Our Chief Financial Officer Joe Sage shares what the new Mission, Vision and Values mean to him

For me it’s essential to work in a business which has a strong mission, vision and values and that this guides people in their roles and behaviours.

When working in growing businesses the path is often undefined and drawing on these helps me navigate situations.

On a day to day basis this will then influence how I manage work, which can include: discussions with partners; preparation of information for stakeholders; or the development of processes and protocols for the business.

I always try to treat everyone with respect; I am honest and committed to my principles, and those of the business; I work hard and strive for excellent results in the work I do, while being people focused and supportive of the team.

With the mission, vision and values as a compass I’m sure the business will be successful and we can all be proud of how we achieve this success.

Joe Sage - Chief Financial Officer at Oakland Care

Take a look at our new organisation Mission, Vision and Values below:

Oakland Care's new Mission, Vision and Values