Elsyng House Care Home team surprise local Tree House school children in Enfield for Christmas

Our Elsyng House Care Home team recently surprised the local Tree House school children in Enfield for Christmas. Our team brought the children gifts which included colouring books and puzzles.

Most of the children came in individually with their parents and some whose parents were not there came in together at the end as a group. The learning focus for children that week was ‘feelings’, so we asked the children, mostly aged 2 and 3, about what made them happy.

Client Relations Manager Julie Chanel said, “Seeing the look on the children’s faces when they approached the tepee, which was dressed up with fairy lights as a grotto, was adorable. There were one or two reluctant ones but on the whole the children were very excited to see Santa.”

The Tree House school operates outdoors encouraging children to learn through playing outdoors and by engaging in activities like den building and cooking lunch over a bonfire. The children dressed warmly and spent their day climbing trees, jumping in puddles and getting a surprise visit from Santa.

Julie continued, “The school is opening at another location soon, in Enfield Park. We look forward to doing lots of inter-generational work once that is up and running.

“Our Care Home opens in February 2021 so we can’t wait for the school children to visit our residents and for the residents to go to the park and join in with the activities. We have lots of ideas for the future!”


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