Lambwood Heights Care Home residents celebrate World Health Day 2021

Lambwood Heights Care Home residents celebrated World Health Day on April 7 by taking part in a range of different activities to promote good health. The World Health Day is held to mark the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) founding, and is seen as an opportunity to drive worldwide attention to a subject of major importance for global health each year.

World Health Day gets residents moving

Each year World Health Day has a different focus and this year’s theme is to build a healthier and fairer world for everyone. The lifestyles team started the day off by getting the residents involved in an upbeat exercise session.

This was shortly followed by an online dance class to some disco music which got the residents heart rates up. Lifestyles Manager Aimee Basham said, “The idea of the day was to shine a light on the benefits of good health and wellbeing around the world. It was lovely seeing the residents exercising, dancing and having fun whilst promoting physical and mental health.”

Take a look at resident Winnie Mulgrew enjoying a dance with Aimee:

Tips to be healthy and happy

Keeping up with the theme of World Health Day, residents got together and came up with ideas that could help in reaching a fairer and healthier world.  Residents had some amazing ideas in their brainstorm session which were written down on a white board and displayed in the home.

World Health Day display board

Home Manager Sonia Kasese said, “Our residents and staff had a brilliant time today, they really enjoyed the exercise and dance sessions and came up with some great ideas to make the world a healthier, happier place. It was lovely seeing everyone get into the spirit of the day.”

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