Woodland Grove end months of separation as resident Sylvia and daughter Gill are finally reunited

It was an emotional affair when Woodland Grove resident Sylvia Smith and her daughter Gill Houghton were finally brought face-to-face after months of separation, thanks to our new Summerhouse.

Summerhouse Scheme

Since March, Woodland Grove have remained closed from all visits from family and friends in order to ensure the care and welfare of residents and staff.

Being conscious of the impact that no face-to-face visits were having on residents and their loved ones, Woodland Grove installed a Summerhouse in the garden so that residents and their relatives could meet safely during the coronavirus lockdown.

Bringing Families Together

The Summerhouse was officially opened by local GP. Dr Binit Patel from Forest Practice who did the ribbon cutting honours and Sylvia was one of the first residents to use the cabin.

Being able to see Gill after many months Sylvia said, “It was lovely to see my daughter, I haven’t seen her since the beginning of March. “I wasn’t expecting the Summerhouse to be like that inside at all, it was very very nice. I’m already looking forward to the next visit!”

GP. Dr Binit Patel from Forest Practice cuts the ribbon

Sylvia sees her daughter Gill and son in law Terry for the first time in months

Safety First

Families and loved ones have their temperatures taken before entering the Summerhouse. There is a clear screen fitted between residents and their loved one with an intercom that allows them to hear each other clearly.

Residents enter from one side while up to two family members from the same household are shown into the other side via the garden. Families book half hour appointments and the Summerhouse is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each visit.

Home Manager Hazel McGwyne said, “Bringing families together is benefiting everybody. It’s been amazing for our residents’ wellbeing, and for their families’ too. We have kept them in touch via Skype calls and FaceTime but it’s not the same as seeing your loved one in front of you. It is wonderful to be able to bring them together safely.

“We have been, and currently are, COVID-free, and because we want to maintain that status, we will continue to restrict visits inside the home for the time being. But the summer house means that anyone who is thinking of moving in can be reassured they will be able to have contact with their family.”


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