Woodland Grove Care Home on ITV London News

Our Woodland Grove Care Home was recently on ITV London News.

Residents were showing off their dance moves at our weekly old school hip hop dance class which takes place on Saturday mornings at the home.

The seated dance class is taught by 24-year-old Charlie Blair from Walthamstow, a hip hop instructor and part-time agency care worker.

Charlie said: “To me, hip hop is an obvious choice to teach to older people, it’s a dance style that’s very accessible – you can’t become a ballerina with limited mobility but you can learn hip hop arm routines or foot patterns.

Entertainment for older people is often about reminiscence and the past, and while that has great benefits, there’s nothing to stop them from trying something new.  It also gives them a lot to talk about with their grandchildren!”

Watch the ITV News Clip below.