Winnie discovers her passion for dance once again

At the age of 92, Winnie Mulgrew still loves dancing in her tap shoes to the 1940 classics!

Lambwood Heights resident, Winnie Mulgrew, has taken up dance classes with a local dance company after rediscovering her love of dancing and showbiz. Winnie, who was once one of the famous ‘Windmill Girls’ at the Windmill Theatre in the 1940’s and 1950s, attends two dance sessions a week, accompanied by a team member from the home.

After discussing the idea of attending dance classes with Winnie and her family, they were absolutely delighted when the opportunity came to attend a local dance school.

Winnie still has her tap dancing shoes in her room and likes to occasionally try them on and give tap dancing a go!  For Winnie, dancing again has strongly contributed to her sense of identity and affiliation with memories of her late husband who she met in the theatre business, travelled and performed with for many years.

Tapercise dance class

Her first experience at visiting the dance studio was an emotional one for both Winnie and her four daughters. Seeing their Mum with the dancers, walking through steps and seeing her move so angelically once again, was wonderful for them to see.

As the tap dancers from the studio watched Winnie do her tap, she also had some advice to give to the young tap dancers “If you think about it, you never really lose it, the tap tap tap, it’s fun really, very very good.”

Benefits of dancing

Research shows the older we grow, the less shy we are to dance, and dancing can give residents the chance to express and enjoy themselves. It also improves mood, is good for physical wellbeing and can strengthen the bond of trust between team members and residents.

Oakland Care’s mission is “to provide exceptional homes, where people can live, love and be loved where everyone is part of our family”.  Our extensive activities and events programmes are an essential part of the daily experience for our residents.

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