Woodland Grove residents celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with all things Irish

Our Woodland Grove Care Home celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday 17th March as residents and staff gathered together to celebrate the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Residents celebrated the day by enjoying a live concert, having a party and appreciating Irish heritage and culture through various activities.

The day started off with residents enjoying a concert from the wonderful Edmund who played Irish and folk music. Everyone sang along to their favourite songs as many residents couldn’t resist and got up to show off their dance moves.

Residents enjoying live concert from Edmund

Residents enjoying live concert from Edmund

Residents then enjoyed a virtual Comic Relief visit from the local primary school which was very thoughtful and heart-warming. The celebrations then continued into the afternoon as residents and staff enjoyed a party.

Conversations were sparked about everyone’s ancestral backgrounds and it was a great way for the residents to get to know a little more about each other. Some residents even had funny stories to share about Irish relatives and other stories from their past.

Residents sampled a delicious Irish spread prepared by our amazing head chef and enjoyed the world-famous Guinness.

The home was decorated with shamrocks, pots of gold and balloons that were made by the residents and staff a week prior and many residents had created their own personal costumes to mark the day.

Residents posing with their St Patrick's Day costumes

Our Lifestyles Manager Elise Woolnough Said, “Residents thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations and we had a wonderful day. We had a fantastic time listening to Edmund in the morning and loved seeing residents join in for some Irish dancing!

“The highlight was when residents got to know each other a bit better and shared their funniest stories about their Irish relatives.”

One of the residents said, “It was a lovely day! I enjoyed taking part in the festivities and also learnt some Irish sayings!”

Lifestyles Manager Elise Woolnough posing with resident


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