When it comes to buying gifts, here at Oakland Care, we know all too well how tricky it can be to find something suitable for that special grandparent. And when it comes to the fussier of family members, the pressure of choosing the perfect present certainly can mount!


Which is why we have put together this handy gift guide to help in your gift quest for the more worldly-wise amongst us!


We’ve quizzed those that live with us on what they want for Christmas this year and have come up with a list of items that are also particularly valuable to the older generation, offering them a sense of comfort and independence. If you’re struggling for ideas, give the below gifts a try…


Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa has, in recent years, gained traction amongst the older generation. To some, this device may simply be perceived as entertainment; but its smart home capabilities also allow the user to control their light switches, TV and central heating with their own voice. This is a great feature for those who are physically restricted, offering them a feeling of independence within their own home.

Using voice control, the user can also discover the latest news updates, the weather forecast and explore a range of entertainment facilities – all without having to lift a finger. Your loved one will also be able to set voice-activated reminders – whether that’s for daily outings, or medication timings.


Heated back and neck massager

As we near the end of the year, it’s common for feelings of stress and tension to build up. These can often take form in our neck and shoulders, causing discomfort and sometimes, pain. A heated neck and back massager can offer welcome relief, whilst also providing much-needed warmth during the colder months.


Essential oil diffuser

Utterly relaxing and cleansing, essential oil diffusers combine water vapour with a few drops of your chosen essence to disperse calming aromas. This device becomes particularly useful for the elderly, since they can choose from a range of herbal remedies – from healing eucalyptus, to tranquil lavender. Diffusers are also a safer option than candles, but smell equally as great – whilst offering additional health benefits.


A tablet computer

Although it may take your loved one a little time to become accustomed to a tablet device, they can be used to help prevent feelings of loneliness. Their video calling and messaging capabilities allow users to stay in touch with family and friends – no matter how far away they live. Your loved one will also be able to make use of its entertainment applications and utilities – such as viewing weather reports or the latest news headlines.

The gift of care

At Oakland Care, Christmas is a time for showing love and affection. Often, a change of scenery can come as a welcome gift for your loved one – with opportunities for social interaction, entertainment and professional care readily available. Respite care over the festive period allows your loved one to make new friends and receive high-quality care, whilst offering you, as their guardian, a welcome break.


At Oakland, we welcome all residents and family members over the festive period to join us in our celebrations. To find out more about our respite care options, please click here.