Audrey Coward sees her work adorn town’s bus shelters

Hastings Court Resident, Audrey Coward, has had work from her life drawing classes selected to adorn bus shelters in Hastings.

Audrey, is one of many local artists given the chance to display their works as part of’s Artshelter project.   Audrey’s figure of a man drawing done in charcoal is on display at the bus stop in Queens Road.

Audrey said, “I can’t believe my work has been chosen, I feel so pleased!  This is one time I hope the buses are late so people get more time to look at it!”

Audrey is among Hasting Court’s residents who, prior to lockdown, took part in regular life drawing classes run by Judy Parkinson from Drawing Life.  The classes used real life models and allowed residents, many of whom have dementia, the opportunity to express themselves, to reminisce and to communicate with staff and loved ones in a different way.

“It’s wonderful to see Audrey’s drawing has been chosen,” said Judy.  “It shows not only what older people can produce but what those living with dementia can achieve, given the opportunity.   Art is wonderfully therapeutic not only in being a focused, calming activity but also giving people a sense of autonomy.”

The art classes which have been led by, Lifestyles Assistant, Martine Dupuy, mentioned, “Art is something that’s really enjoyed by many of our residents”.  “It’s such a positive activity that gives them a sense of pride and achievement at the end of the session.  It can also be a great tool for communication.  We talk about what they’ve created and it can stimulate memories we’ve not heard from them before”.

Audrey’s daughter, Lesley Cordier, is equally thrilled.

“I am so proud of my mum!  Queens Road isn’t somewhere I normally need to go but I make a detour now just so I can see Mum’s drawing!  The staff at Hastings Court have given her so much support and encourage her to do things she hasn’t done before. To see her artwork on display in town just shows what the team’s time and patience can achieve!”

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