Carers and residents at Beechwood Grove Care Home receive a festive visit from Tots Play

Mini reindeers and pint-sized puddings sparked festive joy and happiness amongst our Beechwood Grove residents recently, as the Tots Play group visited our care home. 

For some of our residents, it was the first time in a number of years that they had the chance to play with small children, so came as a welcome gift for many. Our residents enjoyed the rekindling of comforting memories, which were, of course, enhanced by the addition of music, game playing and song singing.

Lifestyles Manager, Cath Adams said: “The session was a huge success. Older people don’t always have very small babies in their lives; the children they see are often quite a bit more grown up.

“Yet the company of tiny ones can be very calming, taking people back to when they were new parents which gives them a great deal of comfort and pleasure.”

89-year-old resident Alice Kraushaar is lucky enough to have two daughters, four grandchildren, 10 great great grandchildren and three great great great grandchildren.

Her daughter Denise Wood said: “Mum loved the babies coming in, she really enjoys children’s company. Even if she’s feeling quite tired they always have the ability to lift her mood. She doesn’t want to join in every activity the home organises but she wouldn’t miss these little ones coming in!”

Residents who couldn’t make it to the session in the home’s lounge didn’t miss out. Parents were happy to take their babies upstairs to meet people in their rooms.

Vanessa Santos and baby Miles took part in the session and described it as a “brilliant idea.”

“My son loved all the attention he got! I loved seeing everyone’s faces light up and joining in with the songs and actions; it was truly a blessing to have been part of the occasion.”

Tots Play owner, Gemma Henson, said; “Coming here has been a lovely experience. It’s been wonderful to see how the residents have reacted to the children, and the music and songs really brought them together.

“In my own grandmother’s later years, I found that traditional nursery rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ would enable me to tap back into the Nan we knew. And the smile that lit up her face when there were children in the room was priceless.

“The session has been beneficial for our mums, too, as many of them don’t have people of this age in their lives. It’s been such a heart-warming and rewarding experience for everyone involved. We’re very much looking forward to coming back in the New Year!”

Research has shown that activities shared by both the young and the elderly have positive effects for older people in residential care; it can instil a sense of purpose, and a boost in self-esteem. At Oakland Care, we make it a priority to engage our residents in activities that encourage feelings of happiness and fulfilment. To find out more about our care, please click here.