Our Development Director Richard Dooley shares how the new Values are implemented externally

My aim to is to try and bring the values of the MVV from an internal perspective to an external audience.

Most of my daily interactions are with external parties be it land owners, land agents, contractors or consultants who will all be working with either different, or no, business values. In a sector of the industry where so much focus is placed on the ‘bottom line’ entering into negotiations from a perspective of our FIRE MVV can provide a refreshing outlook for some of our partner organisations.


We look to work with repeat partners across the external sectors by building relationships with people and focusing on longer term goals rather than short terms gains.


We are open and honest with our external teams sharing our goals, constraints and time-frames to complete projects offering a two-way discussion to ensure the wider team all ‘buy’ into the project targets and ultimately achieve the same goals.


Each of our external partners has a specialism within their own sector of the project. It is important that everyone’s opinion is voiced, discussed and that the best course of action for the project is then taken forward through joint working rather than individual dictation.


We aim to develop exceptional care homes for our teams to work within and for our clients to call home. In order to achieve this goal, we need each individual element of the project team to work together to form part of the collective ambition. I believe that if we work with our MVV in our forethought and therefore in the thoughts of our partners, we stand a better chance of achieving all of our goals together.

Richard Dooley - Development Director at Oakland Care

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