Meet Gary Haynes, Community Lead at our Hastings Court Care Home

We know that moving a loved one into a care home can be an emotionally stressful decision. At Oakland Care, we’re proud of our homes and our team and hope the dedication and passion of our staff can help make the
transition a little less daunting.

Here Gary Haynes, Community lead at Hastings Court Care Home in East Sussex tells us his story and why he is so passionate about working at Hastings Court.

Gary began his career in care in 2010 working in community care, supporting individuals in their own homes. After finding that he loved helping others and had an affinity for care work, Gary chose to work in a care
home where he gradually gained his qualifications and became a Home Manager. Gary moved to Hastings and began his career at Hastings Court in 2016.

“I started my career at Hastings Court as a Care Assistant and worked my way up to Community Lead. I remember coming for my interview and being shown around the home. I was struck by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and thought to myself, ‘this is a place where I could work and be happy’.

“At Hastings Court, I’m part of a team that supports individuals to live their lives how they wish, by promoting independence and dignity. The teams I work with throughout the entire home are thoughtful and kind. Residents always come first and I’m proud to be part of a family that is all inclusive.

“Here at Hastings Court we support our residents to live how they wish and we ensure that people are seen as just that – people. Every person has a life to talk about and we encourage everyone to be open and able to express themselves in the way in which they choose.

Life can be hard for those living with conditions and I feel that our teams support everyone to be able to have a good quality of daily life, no matter what support or needs they may have.”

Speaking about the challenges of working in a care environment, Gary said: “The most challenging part of my job are the emotions I feel whilst supporting those in my care. It’s challenging to ensure that emotions are kept apart from daily rational decisions that are needed to ensure high levels of care are delivered. However, by knowing that my team and I are delivering first class care for those we support, makes it easier.”

Gary is passionate about care: “It is an honour to support another person. Working in care is so rewarding because you can really make a positive change in someone’s life. You’re able to support others when they’re
vulnerable or feel anxiety or sadness, and you can change a person’s life by just being positive or making them smile.

“We all deserve to be able to smile and be happy. It is also an honour to support a person who has reached the end of their story. Being able to support another in their hour of need is the greatest honour anyone
could have and it is something which I feel very strongly about.  Hastings Court is by far the best care home I have worked in, and I am proud to say where I work when in conversation.”

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