‘Blanket For Me’ Gifts Lambwood Heights Blankets for Memory Care Residents

Lambwood Heights received a very kind-hearted donation from ‘The Blanket for Me’ voluntary group of beautiful hand-knitted, hand-crocheted shawls and blankets for the memory care residents. 

Blanket For Me was started by Christina Fantetti, a community interpreter working in hospitals and care homes, who set up a voluntary group of people that creates and gifts lap blankets to dementia patients. 

Christina started the group in the UK placing blankets in the community. Blankets For Me also have satellite teams in Cyprus and Lebanon and offers blankets to local patients.

Christina’s vision is to grow the group and distribute as many blankets to dementia residents as they can, spreading happiness, warmth, comfort, stimulation and something to reduce any stress. Also, as they grow the purpose of the group will be to continue:

  1. Creating and gifting colourful lap blankets to dementia residents
  2. Increase awareness on dementia
  3. Unite those interested in knitting and crochet on a platform of common interest and for a good cause
  4. Provide a positive form to reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness of our times. 

Lambwood Heights residents feel so honoured to be chosen to receive handcrafted blankets. Click here to find out more about Blanket For Me

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