Giving our residents the opportunity to relive important life experiences is fundamental to life at Oakland Care

That’s exactly what we did for our 89 year old resident Margaret at Beechwood Grove Care Home in Eastbourne. Margaret moved into Beechwood Grove a little under a year ago. And it didn’t take us long to find out what makes her truly passionate, allowing us to help her create some new memories at her new home in Eastbourne.

Alongside her sister Dorothy, Margaret ran a boutique hair salon in Manchester and the duo share fond memories of cutting hair in their salon in the 60s. Both Margaret and Dorothy welcomed the opportunity to go back and do what they loved, and for Beechwood Grove, it was a truly wonderful experience to be a part of.

hair salon beechwood grove care home

“We’d both been working for other people and we decided we wanted to work together so we started our own business,” remembered Dorothy.  “Margaret had been to art college; she was very creative and she was known for her ‘fantasy’ hairstyles. 

“The day in the salon brought back so many memories for us.  One of them was that customers would often talk about us when they were under the driers, not realising we could hear them.  They would discuss which of us was better at cutting, and they decided that was me, but if they wanted their hair styling for a special event then Margaret was the one!”

The sisters both had two small children within a year of opening and customers used to knit for them while their hair was being done, and even did a bit of childcare, often having the youngsters on their laps.

Beechwood Groves Lifestyle Manager, Cath Adams, was the lucky recipient of the new ‘do’ from the talented Margaret. She said the day was a great deal of fun but was also a powerful reminiscence for Margaret.

“We all get comfort and enjoyment from remembering our heyday and it was the same for Margaret. She looked so at home in our salon and she did a great job with my hair.

“She’s a very glamorous lady who takes a lot of care of her appearance.  She was really interested to see the different tools our resident hairdresser, Kelly, uses and being back at the basins uncovered so many stories.”

Beechwood Grove Care Home Hairdressers

Dorothy added “It was lovely to see her smile so much. She’s very happy here, the staff are so lovely.  And she knows that she can get her hair done whenever she likes!”

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