Elsyng House Care Home residents express creativity by painting positivity pebbles

Elsyng House Care Home residents painted beautifully designed positivity pebbles. Residents used the pebbles as a blank canvas to express their creativity and paint some bright patterns on.

Spreading love and positivity

At Elsyng House the Lifestyles Team is always coming up with creative ways to keep residents engaged. Residents found the activity calming and relaxing as each pebble reflected their personality perfectly.

Unique face design painted by resident

The benefits of art

Residents are encouraged to take part in artistic activities that improve their emotional well-being and help in self-expression. Client Relations Manager Julie Chanel said, “These activities provide residents with stimulus and reminiscence as well as encourage social interaction and physical activity.

“Our Lifestyles Team are great at adapting the arts and crafts sessions to the residents and relating them to what is going on in the calendar. The pebble painting activity saw everyone’s individual skills shine through and also brought everyone together so that residents could proudly say they made something together!”

Resident paints bee design

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Newly opened Elsyng House Care Home has 75 individual, private, en-suite rooms, and state-of-the- art facilities. The home offers residents a café bistro, cinema room, hair and beauty salon, barbers, air-conditioned lounges, as well as a family room and beautiful garden areas for residents and families to enjoy.

If you would like to book a visit to Elsyng House, please contact our Client Relations Manager Julie Chanel at clientrelations.eh@oaklandcare.com or call 0300 303 5445.


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