Emotional lockdown reunion for Lesley and her mum thanks to new Beechwood Grove Summerhouse

It was an emotional reunion when Beechwood Grove resident Audrey and her daughter Lesley Robbins were finally brought face-to-face after not having seen each other for three months, thanks to our new Summerhouse.

Summerhouse Scheme

Since March, Beechwood Grove have remained closed from all visits from family and friends in order to ensure the care and welfare of residents and staff.

Being conscious of the impact that no face-to-face visits were having on residents and their loved ones, Beechwood Grove installed a Summerhouse in the garden so that residents and their relatives could meet safely during the coronavirus lockdown.

Bringing Families Together

Resident Audrey and her daughter Lesley were amongst the first people to use the new ‘Beechwood Cottage’. Being able to see Audrey after many months Lesley said, “It was fantastic, absolutely incredible! I haven’t seen Mum since before Mother’s Day so I missed that and her 91st birthday, which was very difficult.

“We tried Skyping but it was a bit over-whelming for her so I’ve just been speaking to her on the phone. I rang her the night before my visit and told her I was coming and she was so excited!

“To be able to sit opposite her, to see her and have a conversation with her was just wonderful!”

Resident Audrey and daughter Lesley meet in Beechwood Grove Summerhouse

Resident Audrey seeing her daughter Lesley Robbins in Beechwood Grove Summerhouse

Safety First

Families and loved ones have their temperatures taken before entering the Summerhouse. There is a clear screen fitted between residents and their loved one with an intercom that allows them to hear each other clearly.

Residents enter from one side while up to two family members from the same household are shown into the other side via the garden. Families book half hour appointments and the Summerhouse is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each visit.

Home Manager Caroline Braime said, “The fact that families can see their loved ones is having a huge impact. “It’s been thrilling to see such happy faces coming out of Beechwood Cottage. Families are so happy to be able to see their loved ones, to be reassured that they’re well. Equally, our residents are delighted to be able to see their family in person and to have a normal conversation.

“We have been, and continue to be, COVID-free so we will maintain our infection control measures to keep our residents as safe as possible. But we can now give people living here the contact with their families they’ve been so desperately waiting for.”

Lesley is already planning her next visit to the Summerhouse to see Audrey again. She continued, “Beechwood Cottage, as they’ve called it, is so homely and cosy. It was nice not to have to wear a mask to talk to Mum. I’ll definitely be going back!”


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