Beechwood Grove residents stay in touch with friends and families via Skype

Our Beechwood Grove Care Home in Eastbourne residents have been keeping in regular contact with friends and family thanks to Skype. Residents are unable to receive visits from loved ones at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, with the introduction of iPads and laptops into the home, residents have been enjoying seeing their families with Skype calls, which have overcome the barrier of distance and helped them enjoy time with their loved ones during this period.

The Goddard Family

Our 91-year-old resident at Beechwood Grove, Irene Goddard, has been enjoying regular Skype sessions with her son Mark and his family. Irene has four children who are located in different parts of the UK. Weekly appointments via the iPad have kept her in touch with all of her children.

Her son, Mark, is 480 miles away in Glasgow from where he and his wife, Pat, play and sing for Irene, Mark said: “One of her favourite activities at Beechwood Grove is going to the Music for Memory group so we thought she’d enjoy some tunes from us via Skype.

“She loved to sing and was always involved in her local church choir. She has dementia so she’s not always looking at us but we can see her feet tapping. It’s lovely to be able to see that little giveaway that’s she’s connecting with us and enjoying what we’re doing!”

Lifestyles Manager at Beechwood Grove, Cath Adams said: “She absolutely loved hearing them play ‘Getting to Know You’ and the Carpenters’ song, ‘Top of the World’. She danced around the room and proudly told everyone, “that’s my son!””

Music for Memory

Residents would regularly visit Music for Memory group in Wannock. The group is based around the principles of music therapy and singing. Due to the coronavirus crisis visits aren’t possible so residents currently take part in the sessions via a video link.

“It’s wonderful for the people here to still be able to take part in the group and see the friends they’d normally meet up with” said Cath.

“We’re used to being inventive with our activities as we have a range of abilities and interests to cater for, so we are approaching the current situation in the same way.”

Staying in touch

We are frequently sharing residents’ messages on our Beechwood Grove Care Home Facebook page so that relatives can keep up-to-date. Former professional musicians, Mark and Pat are planning their next performance for Irene and are choosing which songs to play.

“We’re never sure what response we’re going to get from her but we, and our three children, love to see her,” said Mark. “It made us laugh when Cath asked her what she wanted to say to us after all our efforts last time and her reply was – ‘Goodbye!’”

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