Beechwood Grove residents receive messages of love from Ocklynge School children

Residents at Beechwood Grove Care Home in Eastbourne received hearts from the children of Ocklynge Junior School in East Sussex. The children still in school made handcrafted hearts for our residents to cheer them up during isolation.

Each beautifully decorated heart had a little heart inside which included messages of love and well wishes. The residents were thrilled to receive such messages of encouragement and support during these difficult times.

Beechwood Grove residents receiving Ocklynge School hearts

Book Club

Before the lockdown, Beechwood Grove residents would visit Ocklynge School on a weekly basis. The school hosted a Friday afternoon book club every week where residents and children would take part in reading sessions.

Lifestyles Manager at Beechwood Grove, Cath Adams said: “Children would be so excited to read their favourite books for the residents. They would pick out the books that they think residents would enjoy. Sometimes they would read Robinson Crusoe and sometimes it would be Harry Potter.”

Collaborative Approach

The session would include a small group of 2-3 children and they would take turns in reading 10 minutes each. The residents would help the children if they got stuck during any parts of the reading.

Cath Said: “It’s very much a team effort in that way. One of the residents aged 91 has Dementia and the boy who was reading was so gentle with her. The kids are very empathetic and take into consideration resident’s needs.”

Reading and Reminiscing

The book club encourages the school children to improve their language skills in a fun and interactive way. It also helps the residents improve their mood and reduce isolation.

The weekly meetings help residents relax and bring back memories from their younger years. Cath Said: “One of the residents has Dementia and during the reading children from the class next door were making a lot of noise. When she heard the noise next door it immediately reminded her that she used to be a Head Mistress. The setting definitely helps in triggering these memories they have.”


Residents are unable to receive visitors at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Ocklynge School hearts of love have helped residents stay positive during these uncertain times.

Cath hopes that the residents will be able to continue their meetings as normal once the lockdown is over, she continued: “Both children and residents enjoyed the weekly meetings so hopefully not too long before we can meet up again.”

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